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24 Posters Highlight Kennedy's Past on 50th Anniversary
Apollo History Poster

Image above: This poster, one in a series designed by the Kennedy Space Center Graphics Department, captures the rich history of NASA's Apollo/Saturn Program. Image credit: NASA/Greg Lee
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To some people around Kennedy Space Center, it might just be a group of posters, but to others, it is history -- history of accomplishments and lessons learned, history that's worth more than what a picture or even a thousand words can express.

In honor of Kennedy's 50th anniversary, Elaine Liston, the center's archivist and staff member of Kennedy's Library, teamed up with the Education and External Relations Directorate and the Public Affairs Directorate to create 24 posters that depict the history of the center.

"Each poster is unique," said Gregg Buckingham, deputy director of Education and External Relations. "They are a fantastic glimpse of KSC's historic role in the nation's history."

Each poster depicts different aspects of the center's history. They highlight presidential visits to Kennedy, the Apollo Program, the Shuttle Program, and the 10 center directors who have led NASA's prime launch complex.

"They are currently displayed in major facilities throughout the center," Liston said. "They also will be posted to Kennedy's website where information related to the images will be available."

The posters will be rotated around the center monthly and displayed at different 50th anniversary events. To view the posters online, go to http://mediaarchive.ksc.nasa.gov/search.cfm?cat=256.

Brittney Longley
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center