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Albert E. Seeschaff Al Seeschaff
Public Affairs

Albert "Al" E. Seeschaaf was a unique member of NASA's Kennedy Space Center Public Affairs office. He even acquired his name in a unique way. At the time he was born in New York City, his father was manager of the Prince Albert Hotel, and since he was born at the hotel, his father named him after the hotel.

Seeschaaf spent his entire life close to the ocean. After high school, he became a longshoreman on the New York docks, and during World War II served with the Navy's Military Sea Transportation Service. Although he was based at the Brooklyn Naval Yard, he traveled up and down the east coast as a logistics expert.

After a short stint with the U.S. Customs Service at Port Canaveral, he went to work in logistics for North American Aviation at the Kennedy Space Center. During this period, he met his wife Esther who was working with the Patrick Air Force group designing facilities for Cape Canaveral.

Despite his gravely voice, New York accent and longshoreman vocabulary, Seeschaaf also found time to spend several years as news director at the radio station WEZY and become well known to the community as the voice behind the Mobile Mike mobile news shows.

Joining NASA in 1967, he spent the next 16 years in public affairs, helping first in the protocol activities and then moving to the press site where he finished his career in providing logistical support to both NASA and the hundreds of media organizations who traveled to the center.

Seeschaaf was very active in the Civil Air Patrol for many years, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel and holding the position of deputy commander of the Florida wing. He also was active in the Boy Scout movement as a trainer for the Orlando District. After his death, the Civil Air Patrol created an annual award in his memory.

Seeschaaf passed away in 1983 just as he completed his 31st year of government service.