Electronic Library: KSC Debris/Ice/TPS Assessment Reports

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Electronic Library: KSC Debris/Ice/TPS Assessment Reports

Posted March 19, 2003

CFR 1206.201 states, "If a publication or document is readily available from a source other than NASA, the requester shall be informed of the procedures to follow to obtain the publication or document." The following Debris/Ice/TPS Assessment and Integrated Photographic Analysis Reports are available to the public and accessed at http://www.sti.nasa.gov.  Reports are available for the following missions:
  STS-101 STS-102 STS-103     STS-106      
STS-90 STS-91 STS-92 STS-93 STS-94 STS-95 STS-96 STS-97   STS-99
STS-80 STS-81 STS-82 STS-83 STS-84 STS-85 STS-86 STS-87 STS-88 STS-89
STS-70 STS-71 STS-72 STS-73 STS-74 STS-75 STS-76 STS-77 STS-78 STS-79
STS-60 STS-61 STS-62 STS-63 STS-64 STS-65 STS-66 STS-67 STS-68 STS-69
STS-50 STS-51 STS-52 STS-53 STS-54 STS-55 STS-56 STS-57 STS-58 STS-59
STS-40 STS-41 STS-42 STS-43 STS-44 STS-45 STS-46 STS-47 STS-48 STS-49
STS-30 STS-31R STS-32R STS-33R STS-34 STS-35 STS-36 STS-37 STS-38 STS-39

Columbia-Related Documents
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Documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format. You can download it free from Adobe's Web site.


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