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Warren I. Wiley
Former Director
Office of Chief Engineer

Warren I. Wiley formerly served as the director of the Office of the Chief Engineer at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He was responsible for the development, implementation and management of the center's systems management and business systems policies, processes and standards. He enabled the successful execution of the programs and projects by performing independent assessments and providing technical consultation.

Wiley joined NASA in 1971 as a mechanical/propulsion engineer for the first stage of the Apollo/Saturn V during the lunar program and for the first stage of the Skylab and ASTP programs. As the Space Shuttle Program began, he served as the lead engineer of the space shuttle main engine, developing the facility requirements, test and checkout procedures and anomaly resolution for the engine. The engineering management positions Wiley has held are chief of the Orbiter Main Propulsion Section, chief of Main Propulsion and Fuel Cells Branch, chief of the Fluid Systems Division, and deputy director of Shuttle Engineering.

In 1990, he was temporarily assigned to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, as the assistant Space Shuttle Program manager. Upon his return to Kennedy, he was appointed the director of Mission Assurance, a new office charged with performing an independent assessment of the operations at Kennedy. During this time, he also served as the acting director of Safety and Reliability.

In 1992, he was appointed deputy manager of the Space Shuttle Systems Integration Office, a new program office that he organized and staffed to support shuttle operations at Kennedy. In 1995, he was then appointed deputy manager of Launch Integration in the Space Shuttle Program Office. In 1997, he was the deputy director of Engineering Development and was responsible for focusing the center resources on the next generation of reusable launch vehicles, including the X programs. Wiley was also the associate director of Kennedy's Advanced Space Transportation Support, Spaceport Engineering and Technology Directorate.

In 2003, Wiley was assigned to NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate to develop the initial requirements implementing "The Vision For Space Exploration."

During his career with NASA, Wiley was awarded the NASA Medal for Exceptional Engineering Achievement, the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, NASA Certificate of Appreciation, KSC Certificate of Commendation, 10 Group Achievement Awards, and a number of Performance and Special Achievement Awards.

Wiley was born in Canandaigua, New York, and graduated from Naples Central School in New York in 1967. He received a Bachelor of Science in space technology in 1971 and a Master of Science in computer science in 1974, both from the Florida Institute of Technology.

Wiley is married to the former Judy Malnassy of Satellite Beach, Fla. They have three children and reside in Merritt Island, Fla.

May 2012

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