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Biography of Damon Talley

Damon Talley
Digital Learning Network Coordinator
Kennedy Space Center

Damon Talley is the Digital Learning Network coordinator at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In this capacity, Talley is responsible for the development, delivery and production of all live interactive videoconferences.

The Digital Learning Network is an agencywide education program delivering content from all 10 NASA field centers. Kennedy's Digital Learning Network connects K-12 students and educators, higher education and informal education audiences with NASA scientists, engineers and education specialists through interactive technology.

Born in Titusville, Fla., Talley grew up on the Space Coast and has seen most NASA launches since 1972. He attended the University of Central Florida and received a bachelor's degree in mathematics education. He recently earned a Master of Science from Oklahoma State University in natural and applied science with an aviation and space option.

Prior to joining NASA's Digital Learning Network, Talley worked as an education specialist at Kennedy's Educator Resource Center.

Talley also taught high school and middle school mathematics, and maintains his State of Florida Professional Teaching Certificate.

Talley is a member of United States Distance Learning Association and the International Society for Technology in Education.

Talley lives in Viera, Fla., with his wife and two daughters.

September 2008