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Michael F. Sumner
Deputy Director
Center Operations

Michael F. Sumner is the Deputy Director, Center Operations (TA), at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), effective May 16, 2004. He provides guidance and assistance to the Director, Center Operations, in supporting all Centerwide services and operations under the purview of TA.

Sumner was assigned to TA as the Chief of Operations on May 7, 2000. As Chief of Operations, he was responsible for assuring the overall effectiveness of base infrastructure, operations, maintenance, sustaining engineering, support services (including fire and security), comprehensive master planning, medical, environmental health, and administrative aircraft for all NASA/KSC and certain portions of 45th Space Wing/CCAFS.

Sumner was reassigned as Deputy Director of the Joint Performance Management Office (JP) in June 1998, and served in this capacity until May 2000, when he was selected for reassignment to TA. As Deputy of JP, Sumner served as Alternate COTR for the Joint Base Operations and Support Contract, a joint venture between NASA and the 45th Space Wing formed for the management of joint base operations between the two agencies. Sumner served as the Transition Manager for this first-of-a-kind activity, developed the concept for contract management, and led the formation of the new joint government office for the management of the joint contract.

Prior to his assignment in JP, Sumner was designated as the Deputy Director of Installation Operations on May 25, 1997, and served in this capacity until June 7, 1998. He had served as Associate Director of Facility Operations and Engineering since February 1997. Sumner served as Acting Deputy Director of Installation Operations from October 1996 until April 1997 as a detailed assignment in a dual capacity. From May 1995 until February 1997, he served as the Deputy Associate Director for Facility Operations and Engineering. Prior to that assignment, he was Chief of the Facility Operations Division for three years.

Sumner has been awarded the Al Gore Hammer Award for Reinvention of Government, NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, NASA Exceptional Service Medal, NASA Medal for Outstanding Leadership, and the 1999 KSC Director's Award.

Sumner joined NASA in September 1968, as a Cooperative Education student. During the mid-1970s, he worked for Pan American World Airways at Cape Canaveral Air Station and for Rockwell International at Kennedy Space Center for fifteen months each. During his 33-year federal service career, Sumner has served in key positions on several major procurement activities including the Base Operations Contract in 1982 and 1992, the Payload Ground Operations Contract in 1985, the Space Flight Operations Contract in 1995, and the Joint Base Operations and Support Contract in 1997 and 1998.

Born in Lakeland, Fla., Sumner is a graduate of Kathleen High School, Lakeland, Fla. He attended the University of South Florida and earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

April 2006

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