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Biography of Steven J. Sullivan

Steven J. Sullivan
Chief Engineer
NASA's Commercial Crew Program

Steven J. Sullivan is the chief engineer of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In this role, he serves as a member of the technical authority guiding the space agency’s direction in developing U.S. crew transportation services to the International Space Station and other low Earth orbit destinations.

Prior to his assignment with CCP, Sullivan was the chief engineer of Launch Vehicle Processing in Kennedy’s Engineering Directorate. As the technical authority for space shuttle processing, Sullivan was responsible for all engineering aspects related to the integration and processing of flight hardware elements and ground support equipment. He also led resolution of engineering issues related to processing and launching shuttles Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.

Sullivan began his NASA career in 1985 as a shuttle engineer and served in various roles of increasing responsibility within the Space Shuttle Program. During his 28-year tenure, his roles at NASA have included lead orbiter electrical engineer for space shuttle Columbia, Orbiter Project engineer, branch chief for Electrical Systems, division chief for Electrical Systems, Ares I-X Ground Processing chief engineer and deputy chief engineer for Launch Vehicle Processing.

Throughout his time with America’s space agency, Sullivan has received numerous honors, including the NASA Exceptional Service Medal, NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal and the National Space Club’s Eagle Manned Flight Awareness Award.

Sullivan holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Auburn University in Alabama and a Master of Science in management from the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne.

October 2012

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