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John Straiton
Former Chief
Multi-Element Integrated Test (MEIT) Implementation Office
Space Station and Shuttle Payloads Directorate

Formerly, John Straiton was Chief, Multi-Element Integrated Test (MEIT) Implementation Office, within the Space Station and Shuttle Payloads Directorate. The office is responsible for the management and integration of the International Space Station (ISS) MEIT test planning and execution implementation. Straiton has been involved with the Space Station Program since 1986, in both technical and management positions, including Deputy Director for the Space Station and Shuttle Payloads Directorate. He was a key participant in the Space Station Program redesign to ISS, in 1993, defining and implementing the KSC processing requirements and plans.

Prior to Space Station, Straiton spent nine years in the KSC Shuttle Engineering Directorate avionics and software development, and was a Firing Room Integration Console launch team member for STS-1 thru STS-4. He was detailed to Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB), Ca. in 1982, and lead the Shuttle avionics and ground/flight systems preparations, until his return to KSC in 1986.

Straiton joined NASA in 1968 during the Apollo/Saturn Program, as a telemetry systems engineer. He then participated in the ground floor design, development and delivery of the Shuttle Launch Processing System (LPS), in the Design Engineering Directorate. Subsequent to the initial system delivery, he transferred to the Shuttle engineering organization, as a user.

Straiton graduated from Auburn University in 1968 with a BSEE and completed his MSEE at the Florida Institute of Technology in 1972. He has been awarded the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and the ISS Outstanding Leadership Medal during his career at KSC.

John is married to the former Mindy Carole Lien of Santa Maria, California. They reside in Cocoa Beach, Florida with their son, Jack. He also has a son, John, living and working in Charlotte, NC.

January 2000

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