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Pamela P. Steel
Public Services
External Relations

Pamela P. Steel is chief of the Public Services Division of External Relations at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a position she assumed in February 2005. She is responsible for the overall success and effectiveness of the KSC Speakers Bureau, Traveling Display Team, Space Flight Awareness employee awards, exhibit design and messaging, artifacts management, NASA art program at KSC, manned and unmanned launch viewing opportunities for both east and west coast launches, VIP tours, special events, Gratuitous Service Program, employee volunteers and protocol. Steel is also the program and contract manager for the KSC Visitor Complex which is operated through a concession agreement.

Prior to being selected as the division chief, she was focused full-time on the program and contract management role overseeing the KSC Visitor Complex concession agreement in partnership with the NASA contracting officer. In this capacity, she provided leadership to a diverse team of NASA technical monitors responsible for various functional areas of the KSC Visitor Complex operation. Steel served as the liaison between the technical monitors and the concessioner, integrating requirements and information, addressing concerns, ensuring compliance with center policies and procedures, developing performance evaluation criteria and evaluation feedback, and partnering with the concessioner to evaluate new business proposals. As program and contract manager, Steel is responsible for continual monitoring of the concession agreement to ensure contractual requirements are met and facilitate sustained financial and programmatic success of the Public Visitor Program.

From May 2000 to July 2003, Steel was lead of the Business Management Office for External Relations and Business Development. She was responsible for all resource and administrative business management aspects of the new directorate, which encompassed education, public outreach, government relations and business development roles for KSC.

Steel first joined NASA in 1983, working her way up in the chief financial officer's (CFO) organization from an entry-level budget analyst to a lead program analyst position responsible for major budgets and financial management of the Institutional Base Operations Contract. Her extensive tenure in the CFO community provided her with in-depth knowledge and experience with all aspects of government resource, project and contract management.

Steel has received numerous honors including distinguished performance awards, Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year, Space Flight Awareness Honoree, Superior Accomplishment Award and an Exceptional Achievement Medal. She holds a bachelor's degree from Rollins College and a master's degree from the Florida Institute of Technology. Steel resides on Merritt Island with her children, Brooke and Eric. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, boating, camping, bowling and music.

May 2007

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