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Jeffrey G. Spaulding
Shuttle Test Director

Jeffrey G. Spaulding is a shuttle test director at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Fla. He is one of two certified test directors responsible for leading the shuttle launch team during the planning, scheduling and execution of the shuttle launch countdown and has directed 13 launch countdowns from that post. He also chairs the Launch Countdown Working Group and serves as co-chair to the Emergency Egress/Rescue Working Group.

Spaulding began his career at NASA in 1987 as a NASA operations engineer overseeing orbiter processing activities for seven shuttle missions. Three years later, he joined the Shuttle Launch and Landing Office and, as a NASA test director, was part of a team responsible for the management and oversight of shuttle processing and emergency action management throughout Launch Complex 39. In 1993, he was selected as a landing recovery director where he planned and executed shuttle landing operations from the control room prior to becoming the KSC lead for that function. He was promoted to shuttle test director in 2000 and has planned and executed the launches of STS-106, STS-97, STS-102, STS-104, STS-108, STS-110, STS-112, STS-107, STS-114, STS-121, STS-115, STS-116 and STS-118. In all, he has participated in over 75 shuttle launch countdowns from the control room.

In 1997, he was selected as a member of the first KSC Exploration Team tasked with developing and refining KSC ground operations concepts for future human exploration launch vehicles. With that experience and his knowledge of shuttle launch and processing operations, Spaulding is currently supporting numerous Constellation Program projects including Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) emergency egress system design, crew access arm design and launch operations for the Ares 1-X launch vehicle.

Born in Rockford, Ill., Spaulding graduated from Harlem High School in 1979. He received a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering in 1987 from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He continued his studies while working for NASA and received a Master of Science in space systems from Florida Institute of Technology in 1993 and a Master of Science in engineering management in 1996 from the University of Central Florida. He now resides in Merritt Island, Fla., with his wife, Carolynne, and their four children where they enjoy outdoor activities, swimming and tennis.

October 2007

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