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Stacie M. Smith
Technical Resource Analyst
International Space Station Business Office

Stacie M. Smith is an International Space Station (ISS) engineer at the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Since February 2004, she works in the KSC/ISS Business Office as a budget analyst and alternate Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) on the Checkout, Assembly and Payload Processing Services (CAPPS) contract. In this role, she coordinates, monitors, and performs technical resources planning for the contract. Smith serves as directorate liaison for the contractor Metric Change Process and assists with Award Fee Report write-ups.

Prior to working in the ISS Business Office at Kennedy Space Center, she served as a Command and Data Handling (C&DH)/Flight Software Systems Engineer for the International Space Station/Payload Processing Directorate. She was lead C&DH NASA engineer for the Port-4 (P4), Starboard-4 (S4) and Starboard-6 (S6) Outboard Truss Segments of the International Space Station. She was responsible for the planning and testing of Port-4 and Starboard-4 computers and data systems prior to flight. She was also Lead Middeck Electrical Engineer for the upcoming 9A and 11A shuttle missions. Smith has been a government employee for almost 11 years.

Smith began her career with NASA/KSC in 1995 as a Pre-Cooperative Education (Pre Co-op) student. Upon graduating from high school in 1995, she enrolled at Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, Fla., where she majored in Electrical Engineering. Beginning in 1996, she became a Cooperative Education (Co-op) student at NASA/KSC in the Test and Checkout Systems Branch and completed five co-op terms before graduating in 4 1/2 years.

During her studies at Florida State, Smith held the position as Lead Computer Lab Manager of all computer labs at the College of Engineering. She was responsible for assisting students with computer-related problems and questions by responding to operating, printing, and computer messages on all lab computers.

Smith graduated from Florida State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and became a full-time, permanent NASA employee in March of 2000. In June 2004, she completed dual graduate degrees at Webster University, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Art in Management. In addition to being an engineer, Smith enjoys helping NASA accomplish other centerwide and agency mission objectives. She actively participates in many of KSC's outreach programs as a volunteer at Days of Caring, career days and speaking engagements. She currently serves on behalf of NASA on the Florida State University/Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Department Advisory Council advising the college on mission objectives and goals. She received national recognition as a "Rising Star" at the 2002 Women of Color Government and Defense Technology Awards Conference and Professional Development Seminar in Washington, DC.

In August 2002, Smith was featured in an annual publication of NEXT, a periodical published by Florida Trend magazine geared towards informing high school students about opportunities after high school and inspiring them to become scientists and engineers. She also assists KSC with job recruiting efforts and student programs. She volunteers at various on-site activities such as the KSC Honor Awards Ceremony and she is a Directorate Representative for the KSC Black Employee Strategy Team (BEST). Smith actively seeks to be a mentor and an example for all youths. In 2004, she served as a cabinet member for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and led the effort for her directorate of over 250 employees. She was also selected as Employee of the Month for the NASA/KSC International Space Station Processing Directorate in October 2005.

Smith is a native Central Floridian, and she currently resides in Cocoa, Fla. In her spare time, she enjoys tutoring students in her community in math and science, being an active member in community and church activities, and she simply enjoys helping in any way that she can. She also enjoys baking, bargain shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

September 2005

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