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Stephen C. Robling
Associate Director OF Shuttle Processing

Steve is currently Associate Director of Shuttle Processing where he provides leadership in advanced planning and policy implementation such as the transition to performance based contracting, performance metrics, project management, surveillance, and strategic planning.

Steve came to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in 1986 (after the Challenger accident) to participate in the Return-To-Flight activities. He served in the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate where he held the following positions Quality Engineer, Chief of the Quality Engineering Office, Space Station SR&QA Project manager, and deputy director of the Mission Assurance Directorate.

Prior to coming to the Kennedy Space Center, he worked for the Department of the Navy from 1966 to 1986 in the fields of production engineering, systems/in-service engineering, quality evaluation, logistics engineering, and SRMA&Q (Safety, Reliability, Maintainability, Availability and Quality) engineering. His experience includes pre-production, acquisition, production, design, operations and maintenance activities as both an engineer and project manager in a field installation and Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, Washington D.C.

Steve grew up in the small town of Oakland City in southwestern Indiana. He graduated from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, in 1966 with B. S. in Chemical Engineering. In 1970, he received a M.S in Organic Chemistry from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana.

Steve and his wife, Mary, live in Cocoa Beach, Florida. They enjoy boating, fishing, crabbing and most anything that has them on the water.

February 2000

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