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Walter T. Murphy
Former Director of Engineering Development

Walter T. Murphy is the Director of Engineering Development at the John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA. He is responsible for the planning, development, design, acquisition and sustaining engineering of Kennedy Space Center facilities, systems, and equipment and for their modification and rehabilitation.

Mr. Murphy joined NASA Johnson Space Center in 1963, after one year as a university instructor and worked in various areas in the Checkout Systems for the Apollo Spacecraft Program. Transferred to KSC in 1973, where he was assigned to the Development Team for the Launch Processing System for Shuttle Checkout and Launch Operations. After development of LPS, Mr. Murphy was assigned as Chief of the Guidance, Digital & Software Division of Vehicle Engineering where he led the development of the Ground Systems Software and the processing of Shuttle Vehicle Avionics for the Shuttle Program. In 1983, Mr. Murphy was assigned to the SEB for the SPC contractor and chaired the Technical Committee for that activity. In 1984, he was assigned at VAFB as Chief of Shuttle Engineering for the Air Force, which led a team of NASA and Air Force Engineering personnel during final buildup and activation of the VLS Shuttle facilities and preparations for vehicle processing of Shuttles at VAFB. 

After returning from VAFB in 1986, he was assigned Deputy Director of Engineering Development, and subsequently became Director of Engineering Development in 1990. During his tenure in DE some of the major programs that have been accomplished are: the PCC Facility at 39; the SSPF; the Payload Spin Test Facility Replacement; establishment of the KSC Environmental Program; establishment of the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office; and currently the initiation of the program to replace the Launch Processing System. Mr. Murphy and his wife, the former Virginia Pool of North Little Rock, Arkansas, and son, John, live on Merritt Island, Florida. Mr. Murphy graduated from Hendrix College with a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 1961. He then attended the University of Arkansas where he received a Master of Science in Mathematics in 1962.

Mr. Murphy has received numerous awards including NASA Exceptional Service Award in 1981, the KSC Center Director's Award in 1985, the NASA Outstanding Leadership Award in 1988, and the Presidential Meritorious Executive Award in 1993.

February 1997

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