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Biography of Michael P. Moses

Michael P. Moses
Former Launch Integration Manager
Space Shuttle Program

Michael P. Moses was the launch integration manager for the Space Shuttle Program at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a position he assumed in August 2008.

Moses started his career at the Johnson Space Center as a flight controller in the Mission Operations Directorate in August 1995. From August 1995 to August 1998, he worked for the United Space Alliance as a flight controller in the Space Shuttle Propulsion Systems Group (call sign PROP).

In August 1998, he became a NASA employee, continuing to work in the PROP Group. In February 2001, Moses was selected as the group lead for the PROP Group. As a member of the PROP flight control team, Moses worked 29 space shuttle missions during ascent, orbit and entry operations.

In November 2003, Moses transferred to become the group lead for the Shuttle Electrical Systems Group (call sign EGIL). In February 2005, Moses was selected to be a flight director as a member of the class of 2005. He participated in five space shuttle missions as a shuttle orbit flight director and was the shuttle lead flight director for the STS-123/1JA mission in February 2008.

Moses earned a Bachelor of Science in physics from Purdue University in 1989, a Master of Science in space sciences from Florida Institute of Technology in 1991, and a Master of Science in aerospace engineering from Purdue University in 1995.

Moses is the recipient of the NASA Exceptional Leadership Medal, Johnson Space Center's Director's Commendation and multiple NASA Group Achievement Awards.

Moses left NASA in 2011 following the conclusion of the Space Shuttle Program for a postion in private industry.

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