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JoAnn H. Morgan
Former Director

External Relations and Business Development

JoAnn H. Morgan was named the director of the External Relations and Business Development Directorate at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), effective May 7, 2000. She retired on August 3, 2003. Her extensive service to NASA spans from 1958-2003. In late 2002, she also served as acting deputy director of KSC for several months and was in leadership roles at the Center for the past twenty years.

Morgan was the first woman senior executive at KSC. During her more than 40 years in the U.S. manned space flight programs, Morgan has received many honors and awards, including an achievement award during the activation of Apollo Launch Complex 39, four Exceptional Service Medals, and the Sloan Fellowship for graduate study at Stanford University. She was also awarded an Outstanding Leadership Medal in 1991 and 2001. In 1994, she received the Society of Women Engineer's National "Upward Mobility Award," and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers' "J. Tal Webb Award." In 1995, she was recognized as a Meritorious Executive by the President. Also in November 1995, she was selected by the Governor of Florida for induction into the Florida Women's Hall of Fame. She was awarded the "Distinguished Service Award" by the Space Coast Chapter of Federally Employed Women in June 1996. In 1998, she was recognized by the 34th Annual Space Congress with the Achievement Award for Management Leadership, was winner of National Space Club's 1998 Debus Award, and received the 1998 Presidential Distinguished Rank Award. She is a member of AIAA, the National Space Club, and Tau Beta Pi and in 2001 was appointed by Florida's Governor as a Trustee of the state universities and reappointed for another term in 2003.

She entered the federal workforce as a University of Florida student trainee with the Army Ballistic Missile Agency in 1958, and worked for NASA on the Mercury and Gemini Programs. In the Apollo, Skylab, and Apollo-Soyuz Programs, she was a key member of the KSC launch team and the first woman to work in the launch control center. Morgan then became one of the KSC team developing the Space Shuttle launch processing system central data subsystem (CDS), which was initially used for the first launch of the Orbiter Columbia. Following this, she served in managerial positions including Division Chief and Deputy Director, Expendable Launch Vehicles; Director of Payload Projects Management and then; Director for Safety and Mission Assurance with overall responsibilities for the KSC safety, reliability, maintainability, quality, and mission assurance programs. Her managerial responsibilities included as many as 400 NASA employees and multiple projects at the multi-million dollar level. She then served as the only KSC Associate Director for Advanced Development and Shuttle Upgrades. In this capacity, she provided leadership for the Center's support to Shuttle flight systems upgrades and for creating a customer-driven environment and new opportunities for the Kennedy team to participate in cutting-edge technology development and application. 

Mrs. Morgan was educated at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and received a degree in Mathematics at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. She attended Stanford University in California where she obtained her Master of Science degree in Management. She is married to Larry Van Morgan, a retired teacher and a local Florida citrus farmer. 

August 2003

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