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Miguel A. Morales
Chief, Construction of Facilities Division
Center Operations Directorate

Miguel A. Morales is the chief of the Construction of Facilities Division in the Center Operations Directorate at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He is responsible for the Construction of Facilities Program which includes planning, project management, design engineering and construction management. The Construction of Facilities Division serves as the point of contact to the Facility Engineering Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The division manages the interagency SPECSINTACT Program which includes the Department of the Army, Department of the Navy and NASA. The division also serves as the technical point of contact for a variety of facility and infrastructure systems.

Design and construction responsibilities include common institutional facilities and systems such as office buildings, roads and utilities, as well as unique aerospace facility systems such as specialty cranes, spacecraft processing clean rooms and access platforms, high pressure gases, emergency exhaust systems, hazardous fuel collection systems and specialized fire protection systems.

Morales has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering with a major in structures and holds a certified State of Florida general contractor's license. He joined NASA in March 1980 and was assigned to the Shuttle Operations Directorate. He later transferred to the Engineering Development Directorate and worked in the Field Engineering Office at Launch Complex 39 in support of the first space shuttle mission.

Morales served as a system engineer (civil, structural, architectural) and later as a lead designer developing and implementing a wide variety of facility projects at Kennedy and at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. He served as the senior lead designer for the Solid Rocket Motors High Energy X-Ray facility and all of the Advanced Solid Rocket Motor Program facilities at Kennedy.

Morales served as a project manager and technical assistant to the director of Facilities Engineering and Project Management, followed by a few years as the chief of the Facility Design Branch. He served as deputy division chief before moving to the position he presently occupies.

Morales joined NASA for the opportunity to participate in the design and construction of unique aerospace facilities. He is a resident of Orlando, Fla., and has two sons.

September 2011

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