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John R. (Dick) Lyon
Former Director, Logistics Operations

John R. (Dick) Lyon is Director of Logistics Operations. His responsibilities include managing the contract for Shuttle Orbiter Flight hardware spares, repairs and all the associated planning and management of the supply vendor infrastructure. He is also responsible for technical management of logistics functions of repair and spares for all launch processing ground systems and facilities for shuttle and payloads processing as well as for the basic KSC institution. Other responsibilities include management of the traditional logistics functions such as supply, transportation, equipment management, property disposal and technical training, for all of KSC.

Prior to his appointment to this position in February 1995, Lyon was Deputy Director of Payload Management and Operations. He was responsible for assisting with the management and technical direction of preflight checkout and integration of Space Shuttle payloads and payload carriers. He assisted in the management and technical direction of launch operations for expendable vehicles, and technical and management activities in support of the Space Station Project Office. Prior to this position, Lyon was Manager of the Space Station Project Office at KSC, managing and directing all KSC Space Station activities.

Lyon has been with NASA since June 1964, and KSC since March 1965. He held responsible program office and project engineering positions during the Saturn/Apollo and Shuttle programs. He served as chief, Shuttle Project Engineering Office for Engineering Development in 1977; Director, Project Management for Engineering Development in 1980; Deputy Director, Engineering Development in 1984; and Deputy Director, Payloads Management and Operations in 1986.

He started his career in 1958 in private industry as project engineer for Western Electric Company and also held various lead production and lead design engineer positions at Honeywell from 1962 through 1964.

A native of Middlesboro, Kentucky, Lyon was graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1958 with a degree in mechanical engineering.

He and his wife, the former Katherine Marcum of Middlesboro, Kentucky, have two children and live in Cocoa, Florida.

February 1997

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