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Ronald B. Kent
Former Chief
Workforce Planning and Analysis Office

Ronald B. Kent was the Chief of the Workforce Planning and Analysis Office. In this role, he had Centerwide responsibility for the development and administration of the Civil Service workforce program and for the administration of all Human Resources management information systems. Mr. Kent managed the activities of nine professional and nonprofessional employees and integrated the planning efforts of the Center as they related to the staffing and execution of the Center's programs and projects.

Mr. Kent served as the principal advisor to the Center Director on all workforce activities, coordinated the Center's workforce full cost budget planning process, and oversaw the development and management of Human Resources management systems within the Center. He also provided direction, guidance and advice to the Center management with respect to their organizational responsibilities, such as the structuring organizations for effective utilization of human resources and actual accounting of labor by project.

Mr. Kent served as the Office of Space Flight lead workforce analyst, where he facilitated the end of downsizing for the Space Flight Centers. Prior to his selection to his current position Mr. Kent served in a variety of positions within the Kennedy Space Center. As lead for the Workforce Management Office he was responsible for day-to-day activities of position and workforce management. He also served as the KSC Industry Labor Relations Officer.

Mr. Kent came to the Kennedy Space Center in 1985 where he facilitated the return to flight buildup of the workforce; the subsequent Zero Base Review and downsizing of the workforce; the FY 2000 competency based workforce augmentation; and most recently, the Strategic Resource Review. He has received numerous awards including the NASA Exceptional Service Medal.

Mr. Kent began his federal career as a member of the U. S. Air Force where he served in various locations worldwide. He then entered the Department of the Air Force civil service where he served in various positions and locations as a management engineer working on such projects as functional development of the F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter project, and, commercial cost comparison (A-76) studies of aircraft maintenance, and base operations activities.

Mr. Kent was born in Troy, Pennsylvania. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems from Rollins College and a Master of Business Administration from Webster University. He and his wife, the former Sandra Diane Dworin of Altus, Oklahoma, have two children, Daniel Dworin of Dallas, Texas and Jason Dworin, of Rockledge, Florida.

Mr. Kent transferred from Kennedy Space Center to the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

May 2006

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