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William A. Holden
Former Chief 
Propellants, Logistics and Services Office

William A. Holden was the Chief of the Propellants, Logistics and Services Office at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC). He was responsible for managing Agency Fluids Procurement activities, Center Logistics management and Center Services for Kennedy Space Center. This included agencywide propellant and specialty fluids procurement as the agency principle center for fluids management, logistics and transportation policy and implementation, library services and programs, mail and postal services, food services, records management and staging, publications, scientific and technical information management, printing, graphics, travel services, railroad operations and maintenance, and GSA vehicle management for all KSC and tenant organizations.

Mr. Holden was appointed Chief of the Office in Nov. 1995. He had previously served as Deputy Division Chief of the Project Engineering and Integration Division in Installation Operations since June1990, and prior to that he was Chief of the Operations Support Branch, Installation Operations for four years. Mr. Holden has received numerous awards including two "Silver Snoopy" awards and two NASA Exceptional Service Medals.

Mr. Holden joined NASA in 1967, in the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory at Marshall Space Flight Center and came to Kennedy Space Center in 1968. During his career at KSC, he has worked in numerous engineering management and staff positions, including two years as a member of the Executive Staff to the KSC Center Director.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Holden is a graduate of Phillips HS, Birmingham, Ala. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Berry College, Mt. Berry, Georgia and a MBA in Management from Florida State University.

November 2001

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