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Jan Heuser
Spaceport Technology Business Development Office

Jan Heuser leads the new Spaceport Technology Business Development Office at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC). For the past year, she also has served as Program Manager of the Space Experiment Research and Processing Laboratory. This project is the first phase of a proposed commerce park in which KSC will team with the State of Florida to create a campus serving a host of governmental, commercial, academic, and international organizations involved in space related research. 

Prior to assuming this position, she has served as Deputy KSC Chief Financial Officer for Resources, Associate Director for KSC Installation Operations, Director of Information Technology, and Chief of the Electrical Division. She also served as a voting Source Evaluation Board member of the groundbreaking Joint Base Operations Support Contract to integrate NASA and Air Force base operations at KSC, Cape Canaveral, and Patrick Air Force Base. 

Mrs. Heuser began her career with NASA in 1969 as an engineer for Goddard Space Flight Center's Test and Evaluation Division, and later moved to NASA Headquarters where she served as a Program Manger in the Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications. She joined KSC's Engineering Development Directorate in 1981. As Chief, Systems Integration Branch, she was responsible for design and development of major software systems for KSC launch processing and data management. She chaired the Core Procurement Development Team and was Management Committee Chairman of the Core Source Evaluation Board. She then served for three years as Chief, Core Management Staff, responsible for managing the project and contract to develop realtime control systems for Space Station and Shuttle.

In 1992, Mrs. Heuser became Chief, Space Station and Payload Management Office, responsible for design and implementation of facilities, facility systems, ground support equipment and realtime computer systems for Space Station and Payload processing at KSC and VAFB. 

In 1994, Mrs. Heuser staffed and chaired the Spaceport USA Source Evaluation Board, a major concession acquisition for KSC. She then completed developmental assignments within the Shuttle Operations Directorate and the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate. Assignments were as Deputy Director/Manager of the Mission Assurance Directorate, Shuttle Processing Operations Office, Shuttle Ground Systems Directorate, and Shuttle Launch and Landing Project Office.

Mrs. Heuser has received various awards during her career including the KSC Director's Award, NASA's Exceptional Service Medal, the Vice Presidential Hammer Award, the KSC Strategic Leadership Award, Sustained Superior Performance Awards, Superior Achievement Awards, and numerous Group Achievement Awards. Originally from Kentucky, she is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, earning a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computer science; and has completed all coursework for a Masters degree from the University of Maryland. She and her husband Robert live in Merritt Island, Florida, and have a son and daughter.

April 2001

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