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Tara L. Gillam
Assistant Chief Counsel

Tara L. Gillam is assistant chief counsel in the Office of the Chief Counsel at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In this role, Gillam provides proactive and preventive legal counsel and services to Kennedy managers and employees. Legal counsel, litigation and policy review and revision are in all areas of government operations, including fiscal law, employment law, facilities and property management, contracts, and Space Act Agreements.

Gillam was previously the manager, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity from 2005 to 2010. Before leading that office, Gillam's prior experience included serving as a human resources specialist with NASA/Kennedy and with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Md. At NIH, Gillam provided leadership in employee relations and development.

Gillam considers herself a Maryland native, although much of her youth was spent traveling as part of a military family. Gillam is married to Dan, recently retired from the National Park Service. They have two sons, Danny and Nolan. She earned a Bachelor of Arts with a dual major in sociology and psychology from Regents College, University of the State of New York, and received her law degree from the Washington College of Law, American University, in Washington, D.C. Gillam is a member of the Florida State Bar Association.

May 2012

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