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J. Chris Fairey
Former Director
Spaceport Services

J. Chris Fairey was the Director of Spaceport Services at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center. From May 7, 2000, to August 2, 2002, he was responsible for the overall management and direction of Center activities with functions associated with Information Technology Systems, Facilities, Facility Services, Occupational Health, Medical Operations, Environmental Programs, Institutional Safety, Protective Services, Center Services, NASA Aircraft Operations, Export Control, the Worker's Compensation Program, the Individuals with Disabilities Program, and Astronaut Crew Quarters. The management of these consolidated activities was in support of the SSP, ISSP, and ELV Programs and the Cape Canaveral Spaceport vision.  Fairey retired in 2002.

Prior to this position, Fairey was assigned as the Director of Safety and Mission Assurance in February 1999. He was responsible for planning, managing, directing, and implementing safety, reliability, maintainability, and quality assurance for the Shuttle, International Space Station, Expendable Launch Vehicle and Institutional programs at the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and related KSC activities at other locations.

Fairey graduated from Georgia Southern College with bachelor degrees in physics and mathematics in 1969. He joined NASA/KSC in 1969, and served as the lead station engineer and test conductor for the Facilities and Environmental Measurement Station in support of the Apollo, Skylab, and ASTP (Apollo/Soyuz Test Program) programs.

In 1980, he served as Operations Section Chief for the LPS (Launch Processing System) Checkout, Control and Monitor Systems (CCMS) for Shuttle. In 1984, he was assigned as the Technical Assistance to the Guidance and Digital Systems Division of Shuttle Engineering and served concurrently as the Project Manager for the Kennedy Avionics Test Set (KATS) development. In 1985, he was appointed as the Flight Element Project Engineer office chief and concurrently served as the Shuttle Project Engineer (SPE) for fifteen Shuttle missions. In 1991, he was assigned as the Shuttle Discovery Flow Director (OV-103) for four Shuttle missions. In 1993, he was appointed as the Deputy Director, Shuttle Ground Engineering. In 1995, he was appointed as the Director of Quality Assurance for Space Shuttle, International Space Station (ISS) and Expendable Launch Vehicle (ELV) programs at KSC. In1997, he concurrently served as the co-chair of the Joint Base Operations and Support contract SEB and acting Director of the Joint Performance Management Office with KSC and the 45th Space Wing. In 1998, he was appointed Director, Process Integration for Shuttle Processing.

Fairey received the Silver Snoopy Award in 1979 for his support to the Apollo program. In 1983, he received the Exceptional Service Medal for his support to the planning, development, and implementation of the Launch Processing System for the Shuttle Program. In 1989, he was presented the Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal for Outstanding Engineering and Managerial Leadership and also the National Space Club Eagle Manned Mission Success Award for contribution to STS Return to Flight. In 1999, he was presented the Exceptional Service Medal and the Vice President's NPR Hammer Award for his leadership of a Joint NASA/Air Force Acquisition Team.

Fairey and his wife, Glenda, reside in Titusville, Fla., and have two sons, Chad and Craig.

August 2002

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