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James L. "Larry" Crawford
Director, Safety and Mission Assurance

James L. "Larry" Crawford is the director of Safety and Mission Assurance, transferring from Dryden Flight Research Center in May 2004. In this position, he is a key person for Return to Flight after the Columbia accident, as well as all safety concerns regarding all launch vehicles. He manages a directorate of over 250 safety personnel and is responsible for the development, institution and integration of Safety Mission Assurance activities for the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and Expendable Launch Vehicles programs.

While Crawford was at Dryden, he held the position of director for Research Engineering. He managed the technical work of approximately twenty experimental aircraft and space vehicles, and supervised six senior technical branch chiefs (Aerodynamics, Dynamics and Controls, Flight Systems, Flight Instrumentation, Propulsion and Performance, Aerostructures) with a directorate strength of approximately 150 civil servant engineers, plus additional support engineer contractors. Crawford was the director of Aerospace Projects at Dryden, prior to his position of director for Research Engineering. In that position, he supervised a staff of approximately thirty senior project managers and an annual budget of approximately $60M.

In his earlier years with NASA, Crawford was a manager in the Program Engineering Office, Space Station Project Office, at Reston, Va. He was the direct supervisor for four major divisions with approximately eighty engineers, supported by approximately 300 contractor engineers. His responsibilities included resource management (power, weight, volume, thermal, data communication and tracking, human timelines, etc.), systems engineering, requirements management, performance/configuration analysis, test and verification, safety, reliability, and all major engineering functions.

Crawford began his career with NASA in November 1980, as the director of Safety at NASA Headquarters. He supervised four engineers and managed the overall NASA safety program, to include aviation and nuclear safety. He established policies and conducted audits of field installation safety programs.

Crawford held key safety positions at three Army field sites and was named chief of the Safety Office for the Army Material Command. He brings 34 years of engineering, project management, and safety experience to KSC. Crawford holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Mississippi State University and a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering (Safety) from Texas A&M. He is also a graduate of the Army's two-year safety engineering intern program.

February 2005

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