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John T. Conway
Former Director, Payload Operations

John T. Conway is Director of Payload Operations at the John F. Kennedy Space Center, responsible for management and technical direction of preflight checkout and integration of Space Shuttle and expendable vehicle payloads and payload carriers. This includes customer payloads, Spacelab, special structures, deployable payloads, and upper stages. He is also responsible for management and oversight of NASA expendable vehicle operations, both at KSC and the Western Space and Missile Center.

Prior to his appointment to this position in May 1985, Conway was Director, Information Systems, Shuttle Management and Operations at Kennedy Space Center. He was responsible for planning, development, installation and operation of the launch processing computer systems, communication systems, and ground instrumentation systems utilized in Space Shuttle test and launch operations.

Conway joined NASA in July 1962 at NASA’s Langley Research Center, Virginia, where he worked on the application of computer techniques for aircraft systems simulations. He transferred to KSC in 1966 where he became Section Chief responsible for computer systems software utilized for launch operations of Apollo, Skylab and ASTP missions.

He has held subsequent positions of increasing responsibility at KSC as project Manager for the Shuttle Launch Processing Central Data System beginning in 1973; as Chief of the LPS Project Office, 1976; Chief of the LPS Division in 1977; an Director, Information Systems in 1979.

Conway received a Superior Achievement Award, NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal, and three NASA Outstanding Leadership Medals.

Conway was born in Bradenton, Florida. He received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Florida State University, and a master’s degree in mathematics from the College of William and Mary, Virginia. He is married to the former Tammy Kay More of Seymour, Tennessee.

February 1997

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