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Glenn C. Chin
Deputy Manager, Orion Production Operations Office
Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Program
Ground Systems Development and Operations Program

Glenn C. Chin is a NASA deputy manager in the Orion Production Operations Office for the Ground Systems Development and Operations Program at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, a position he has held since October 2007.

His primary responsibilities are to manage the assembly, integration, test and production flow of the Orion spacecraft; to activate and certify the NASA Orion production facilities; to design, fabricate and verify Orion factory production tooling and mechanical ground support equipment; to influence the Orion spacecraft design and processing; and to develop plans and processes to produce the Orion spacecraft.

Chin joined NASA/Kennedy in 1989 as a system engineer working in the "hands-on" Level IV assembly, integration and test group that processed Spacelab modules and experiments for the Spacelab Program. In 1992, he moved on to being a payload project integration engineer for the Spacelab Program, where his primary role was technical requirements and test management. Chin transferred to the International Space Station (ISS) Program in June 1996 as a lead integration and test engineer with the Space Station Hardware Integration Office that provided field support to ISS hardware manufacturing sites.

In July 2000, he became a NASA mission manager in the International Space Station and Spacecraft Processing Directorate. He was responsible for managing and leading a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians that assembled and tested the ISS hardware that flew aboard the space shuttle. Chin successfully completed mission flows for ISS missions STS-102/ISS-5A.1, the maiden voyage of the first multi-purpose logistics module named Leonardo; STS-105/ISS-7A.1, the second flight of Leonardo; STS-111/ISS-UF2, the third flight of Leonardo with the first ISS launch-on-need payload, the wrist-roll joint for the Canadian robotic manipulator system; and STS-120/ISS-10A, Node-2, completing the ISS core.

Before NASA, Chin worked at the General Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Division, as a nuclear system engineer assigned to perform sustaining engineering to commissioned U.S. Navy nuclear submarines.

He was awarded the NASA Exceptional Service Medal in 2005 and a Silver Snoopy Award in 1995.

Chin was born Feb. 28, 1964, in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to South Florida in September 1979. He graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering.

He lives in Melbourne with his wife, Danilee, and their eleven-year-old son, Matthew.

March 2012

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