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Bobby G. Bruckner
Former Manager
Expendable Launch Vehicles and Payload Carriers Programs

Bobby G. Bruckner was the Manager of the Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELV) and Payload Carriers Programs at Kennedy Space Center.

Mr. Bruckner was responsible for acquisition of ELV launch services to satisfy all of NASA's requirements for ELV launches. The ELV organization he manages performs analyses of advanced missions, which allow mission managers to select launch vehicles appropriate to the specific mission needs. NASA payload to launch vehicle integration, payload processing support, launch vehicle processing oversight, and launch countdown management was also performed by the ELV Program. Mr. Bruckner's responsibilities extended from the Kennedy Space Center launch site to NASA launches at Vandenberg Air Force Base, and planned launches from Alaska and Kwajalein Island. Mr. Bruckner successfully consolidated the ELV Program from several NASA Centers to a single location at KSC.

As the Manager of the Payload Carriers Program, Mr. Bruckner was responsible for maintaining a fleet of reliable and cost-effective payload carriers for payloads that fly on the Space Shuttle. The Payload Carriers organization supports advanced payload planning by contributing new payload carrier designs and by reducing the cycle time from payload inception to launch.

Most recently, Mr. Bruckner was Director of Payload Processing at the John F. Kennedy Space Center. In this position, he managed the processing of Shuttle and ELV payloads at KSC, planning for Space Station processing at KSC, and ELV launch management. Formerly, he was Director, Payload Ground Systems.

Mr. Bruckner joined NASA in June of 1966 at Kennedy Space Center where he worked as an electrical engineer developing telemetry and data display systems used in the test and checkout of Apollo/Saturn launch vehicles. From 1977 to 1985, he served as the Chief Engineer in the design, development, and implementation of the Record and Playback Subsystem of the Launch Processing System used for checkout of the Space Shuttle prior to launch.

In 1985, Mr. Bruckner transferred to the Payload Management and Operations Directorate where he served as the Communication Integration Manager. In Payloads, he has held subsequent positions of increasing responsibility as Chief of the Ground Systems Engineering Branch and as Chief of the Ground Systems Division, a position he held until 1993 when he was promoted to Deputy Director, Payload Ground Operations.

Mr. Bruckner received NASA’s Exceptional service Medal and two Outstanding Leadership Medals. He was born in Drew, Mississippi, and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Delta State University and a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. He is married to the former Marilyn Everitt of Drew, Mississippi and lives in Merritt Island, Florida. Bobby and Marilyn have two sons and one daughter. Their son, Brian, is a Doctor and Researcher at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas; their son, Rob, is an Electrical Design Engineer for the Intel Corporation in Portland, Oregon; and their daughter is an Intensive Care Nurse at the Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando, Florida.

April 2001


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