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James E. Ball
Former Deputy Manager of Center Planning and Development
Program Manager for Spaceport Development

Jim Ball was deputy manager of Center Planning and Development and also served as the program manager for Spaceport Development at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. He provided strategic leadership to plan the center's future development and established cooperative partnerships with industry that helped achieve NASA goals.

He was responsible for overall strategy, planning, coordination and execution of initiatives to develop and sustain partnerships which contributed to key NASA and center objectives, including the transition of KSC to a multi-user space launch complex supporting both government and commercial providers.

As deputy manager of the KSC Center Planning and Development Office, he helped lead and direct KSC staff engaged in master planning land use and spaceport infrastructure, strategic business planning, partnership development efforts, and management of agreements with the public and private sectors.

Prior to this assignment, Ball served as center development manager in the Center Operations Directorate. In that capacity, he led efforts to identify and develop opportunities for projects funded from outside of NASA to increase the utilization of KSC's property and capabilities.

He planned and implemented a strategic partnership with the State of Florida to develop Exploration Park, a new research and technology park currently under development at KSC. He also initiated and successfully implemented a public-private partnership with Florida Power and Light Company to construct and operate utility-scale solar power facilities at KSC. That project received the General Services Administration's 2009 Achievement Award for innovation in federal asset management.

Ball led a series of successful projects to enable, demonstrate and establish new uses of KSC's space shuttle runway and to facilitate its future use for horizontal space launch and recovery by both commercial and government operators.

Joining NASA in 1982, Ball has held a number of management positions related to the agency's efforts to foster commercial space activities. From 1987-1989, he promoted NASA's commercial space development initiatives during an assignment with the Office of Commercial Programs at NASA Headquarters. He left the agency to become director of marketing for SPACEHAB Inc. before returning to NASA in 1991 to lead a revitalization of the KSC visitor program and oversee a six-year, $100 million renovation and expansion of visitor facilities that included the privately-financed Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Ball is a sixth generation Floridian and native of Miami, Fla. He is a graduate of Florida International University in Miami. He resides with his family in Titusville. He twice received NASA's Exceptional Achievement Medal and was awarded the 2006 KSC Strategic Leadership Award for his efforts to develop commercial utilization of KSC assets. He also received a number of other agency awards for individual and team achievements.

Ball retired from NASA in 2012.

February 2012

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