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David K. Alonso
Former Senior Advisor for Institutional Management

David K. Alonso was the senior advisor for Institutional Management at NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Fla., at the time of his retirement on Dec. 31, 2010. He provided integration of all center institutional resources and strategic direction regarding institutional activities, budgets, and both center and related agency initiatives, as well as management of the KSC Reinvestment Process and the development of center institutional planning and execution, full cost policies, business base analysis, and workforce planning and center institutional health. Alonso also provided KSC representation to Space Operations Mission Directorate (SOMD) institutional and programmatic governance structure.

In his previous assignment as chief of the Management Integration Office in the Spaceport Services Directorate, he was responsible for the integrated resources planning and execution of assigned institutional and programmatic budgets including the Shuttle, Station, and Launch Services Programs, award fee contract processes, Directorate management processes for knowledge management and ISO implementation and certification, and the provision of centerwide executive services such as administrative aircraft management.

Alonso began his federal career with the Small Business Administration in Washington, D.C., in December of 1980 and joined NASA in Washington, D.C., in the summer of 1981 as a presidential management intern. Alonso served in various positions at NASA Headquarters in both functional and program offices. He was the lead analyst in the Office of Space Flight (OSF) for the Construction of Facilities (CoF) budget, the senior analyst for the ROS and PMS budgets for the OSF and its four field centers and the chief of Program Control and Management within the OSF. He served in a career development assignment at KSC in the Payloads Directorate and the Comptroller’s Office from 1986-1987. Alonso transferred to KSC in the spring of 1994 where he was selected as the chief in the Program Control and Contract Management Office in the Installation Operations Directorate. This assignment was expanded in a reorganization to include the duties mentioned above as the chief of the Management Integration Office for the Spaceport Services Directorate.

In 2004, Alonso received KSC's highest honor, the Center Director's Award for his outstanding leadership and exceptional dedication in support of KSC institutional resources and his continued exceptional support to related Agency initiatives. In 1999, he received NASA's Exceptional Service Medal in recognition of outstanding leadership, significant contributions, and superior dedication in support of the Kennedy Space Center, the Office of Space Flight, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. He received numerous other individual and group achievement awards throughout his career.

Alonso was born in Lamesa, Texas, and raised in North Georgia. He graduated from Chattanooga Central High School and received both a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public administration from the University of Georgia.

February 2011

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