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  • artist concept of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

    Mars Mineral Mapper Ready for Action

    The mineral-mapping instrument on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has successfully removed its lens cover and is ready to start observing the planet. The cover protected the lens of the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars while the spacecraft was shrinking its orbit by repeatedly dipping into Mars' atmosphere.

  • Titan

    Cassini Aimed High During Titan Flyby

    Cassini successful flew by Titan on Saturday, Sept. 23. Data collected will help scientists study the composition at the very highest levels of Titan's atmosphere.

  • Titan

    Cassini Aims High in Upcoming Titan Flyby

    Cassini's next close flyby of Titan will be on Saturday, Sept. 23. This will be one of Cassini's closest flybys yet of Titan, at just 960 kilometers (600 miles) above the surface. Scientists will use the observations to study the composition at the very highest levels of Titan's atmosphere.

  • Dr. David Baltimore

    JPL Says Thanks and Farewell to Baltimore

    JPLers turned out Monday to give a sendoff to Nobel laureate Dr. David Baltimore, who retired this month as president of the California Institute of Technology, the Laboratory's parent institution, after nine years in that post. Baltimore will continue teaching and research as a member of the Caltech faculty.

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  • Artist's view of Saturn and its rings

    Saturn's Rings To Shine As Never Before

    Ring scientists have been waiting for this. Finally, after more than two years orbiting Saturn, the Cassini spacecraft reaches one of the ultimate vantage points.

  • artist's concept of Eris

    Hotly-Debated Solar System Object Gets a Name

    A new name has been bestowed on the "dwarf planet" whose discovery in 2005 rocked the solar system.

  • Infrared images of Titan

    Cassini Detects Vast Ethane Cloud on Titan  →

    Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer has detected what appears to be a massive ethane cloud surrounding Titan's north pole. The cloud might be snowing ethane snowflakes into methane lakes below.

  • artist concept showing Earth's early atmosphere

    New Roadmap in Hunt for Alien Life  →

    NASA-funded researchers, including JPL's Wes Traub, have outlined six stages of Earth's life history, which might help identify life elsewhere in the universe.

  • artist's concept of HAT-P-1

    Puffed-Up Planet Spied at Double Star  →

    Using a network of small, automated telescopes, NASA-funded astronomers have found an odd, bloated planet orbiting one member of a pair of distant stars.

  • Artist's concept of TrES-2. Credit: Jeffrey Hall, Lowell Observatory.

    'Sleuth' Telescope Snags a Rare Planet Type

    A rare planet circling a star 500 light-years away has been spotted by astronomers using a telescope whose development was funded by NASA.

  • raw image of Titan

    Titan Comes Under Cassini's Watchful Gaze  →

    Cassini flew by Saturn's moon Titan on Sept. 7, 2006, studying its atmosphere and surface.

  • Map of the path of the plume of pollution from the World Trade Center

    Smoke Plume Dispersal from the World Trade Center Disaster

    The collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and the fires that followed produced a noxious smoke plume, a complex mixture of tiny airborne particles and gases.

  • Titan backlit by sun

    Cassini to Fly by Titan

    After revealing a land of bountiful lakes on Cassini's last flyby of Saturn's moon Titan, the journey continues during a flyby on Sept. 7, 2006.

  • sky/sky-th.jpg

    Rise and Shine With the Planets

    Step outside 45 minutes before sunrise Aug. 20 to 22. The celestial view is well worth an early wake up.

  • artist concept of solar system montage

    Cosmic Debate: What's Up With the Planets?

    When kids head back to school this fall, they might have some brand new planets to memorize. The International Astronomical Union, currently meeting in Prague, is expected to vote on the definition of a planet.

  • artist concept of Voyager

    Voyager 1: 'The Spacecraft That Could' Hits New Milestone

    Voyager 1, already the most distant human-made object in the cosmos, reaches 100 astronomical units from the sun on Tuesday, August 15 at 5:13 p.m. Eastern time (2:13 p.m. Pacific time).

  • JPL student intern Kelly Wills

    Blind JPL Student Intern Works on Mars-Bound Instrument

    Not many teenagers can say they've worked on an instrument that will fly in space.

  • Kerry Erickson, mission manager

    Man of Many Hats Not Ready to Hang Any Up

    Kerry Erickson is mission operations and project manager for the Galaxy Evolution Explorer, which is on a mission to do a nearly complete sky survey.

  • false-color image of quasar

    Black Hole Spills Kaleidoscope of Color

    A new false-colored image from NASA's Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer space telescopes shows a giant jet of particles that has been shot out from a quasar.

  • Thomas Valdez, Jaime Escalante and Sergio Valdez pose for a photo

    To Inspire, Be Inspired

    If you want to be an inspirational teacher, it's not hard: You have to be inspired yourself.