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  • artist’s rendition of Rosetta's closest approach to Earth

    Rosetta Swings Past Earth  →

    The Rosetta spacecraft zoomed past Earth at 12:57 p.m. Pacific Time today, picking up speed for its planned 2014 rendezvous with a comet. JPL manages NASA's contribution to the European Space Agency's 3.3-ton comet chaser.

  • mobility robot nicknamed scarecrow

    NASA Selects Partnerships to Advance Key Technologies

    JPL will help advance key technologies to meet critical needs for NASA's mission, through several newly-announced partnerships selected by NASA.

  • sky chart showing comet Holmes

    Catch a Comet - No Telescope Required

    This week there is a newly visible comet in the sky and it can be seen with the unaided eye!

  • Interacting Galaxy Pair Arp 87

    Dancing With the Stars Takes on a Whole New Twist  →

    Two galaxies perform an intricate dance in this new picture taken by the JPL-built and designed Wide Field and Planetary 2 Camera, onboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

  • Eight new propeller-like features within Saturn's A ring

    First Known Belt of Moonlets in Saturn's Rings

    A narrow belt harboring moonlets discovered in Saturn's outmost ring.

  • lightning at Jupiter

    Pluto-Bound Spacecraft Sees Changes in Jupiter System

    The New Horizons team presents its latest and most detailed analyses of Jupiter data today at the American Astronomical Society's Division for Planetary Sciences meeting in Orlando, Fla., and in the Oct. 12 issue of the journal Science.

  • tiny galaxy, nearly halfway across the universe

    Itsy Bitsy Galaxy Found Halfway Across Universe

    An international team of scientists has used a trick of nature to measure a tiny galaxy halfway across the universe.

  • Artist concept of Titan flyby

    Cassini Heads South on Next Titan Flyby

    The Cassini spacecraft has been moving progressively over Titan's southern hemisphere and is getting ready for a Titan flyby on Oct. 2, 2007.

  • Sputnik

    First Contact: Sputnik

    To say the least, it was incredible. The news relayed by the voice on the other end of the phone line hit the president of the San Gabriel Valley Radio Club like a blow to the head. Too incredible, Henry Richter hoped, to be true.

  • infrared image of a mini-quasar in the act of being created some

    Google Sky Sees Many Wavelengths

    New "far out" views of the distant universe from Spitzer, the Galaxy Evolution Explorer and other telescopes were released to Google Sky. Peter Eisenhardt and Leonidas Moustakas of JPL helped capture some of the images.

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  • Judith Pipher

    Women's Hall of Fame Pick Spitzer Astronomer

    National Women's Hall of Fame has selected a Spitzer Space Telescope astronomer to join its ranks. Judith Pipher of the University of Rochester, N.Y., helped develop Spitzer's infrared array camera, which continues to unveil the cosmos.

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  • gullies

    Mars Instrument Checks Recent Gully Deposit

    A spectrometer instrument on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter checked to see whether a fresh deposit of bright material in a gully on Mars contained mineral evidence of liquid water carrying the material. The examination found no sign that liquid water played a role.

  • Latitudinal distribution of averaged phosgene volume

    Scientists Conduct First Global Study of a Poisonous Gas in Earth's Atmosphere

    A JPL scientist has participated in the first-ever study of the global distribution of phosgene, a poisonous gas present in small quantities in Earth's atmosphere. The information will be useful for assessing progress in controlling chemicals that destroy Earth's protective ozone layer.

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  • diagram showing ozone

    NASA Watches Ozone Layer Amid Montreal Protocol's Success

    NASA scientists will join researchers from around the world to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty designed to reduce the hole in Earth's protective ozone layer, Sept. 23 to 26 in Athens, Greece.

  • Ion engine

    The Prius of Space

    What if you need to motor somewhere three billion-plus miles off the beaten path - somewhere where neither regular nor premium unleaded have so far feared to tread?

  • solar system ambassador event

    Wanted: Ambassadors to the Stars

    NASA's Solar System Ambassadors program is looking for volunteer space enthusiasts.

  • planetary nebula

    Stars Go Out in Style

    New snapshots from space illustrate the colorful evolution of dying sun-like stars. The images were captured by the JPL-built and designed Wide Field and Planetary 2 Camera, onboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

  • Raw image of Titan taken September 2, 2007

    Cassini Completes Titan Flyby, Prepares for Iapetus

    Cassini successfully flew by Titan on Aug. 31, 2007, imaging the Huygens probe landing site.

  • artist concept showing Huygens probe descent

    Fasten Your Seat Belts, Turbulence Ahead - Lessons From Titan

    Ever spilled your drink on an airline due to turbulence? Researchers are finding new ways to understand the phenomenon - both in Earth's atmosphere and in that of Saturn's moon, Titan, aided by Huygens probe data.

  • A prototype Venus balloon in a JPL cleanroom.

    Up, Up and Away -- To Venus

    Scientists hope to learn more about climate changes here on Earth by studying Venus. A prototype balloon could eventually study the planet's surface and examine its atmosphere and the bizarre winds and chemistry within it.