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tracks marked in aerogelParticles captured by aerogel. Image credit: NASA/JPL

EarthThe Scijinks site features data about Earth's weather. This view shows the average sea-surface temperatures for 2008, as collected by polar-orbiting satellites. Image credit: NOAA
NASA's Stardust-NExT mission is offering the public a chance to win a small cube of aerogel (the lightest and lowest-density solid) or a mission cookie cutter. What's the catch? Visitors to their mission Web site must review it and take an online survey. A total of 100 surveys submitted through Nov. 30, 2009, will be randomly selected to win the cookie cutter or aerogel.

The survey and Web site are here:

Another NASA/JPL Web site, Scijinks, is now on Facebook. Scijinks covers weather and Earth science and is a site geared to middle and high school students.

The Scijinks Web site can be found at .

Their new Facebook page is at