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Space Place banner graphicSpace Place banner. Image credit: NASA/JPL For those of you with Facebook pages, we just created a page for NASA's Space Place Web site ( You can find our Facebook page at The Space Place is an extensive, content-rich Web site for upper elementary age kids, their teachers, parents and anyone else who likes a simple, readable, fun presentation of a wide range of space, Earth science and technology topics. Most of the site is great for kids to explore on their own, with interactive games, hands-on projects and fun facts. But it also has lots of stuff for teachers. Teachers especially appreciate the bi-monthly Space Place Newsletter for educators, which has lots of suggestions for how to use the resources of this Web site in the classroom. See the "Teacher's Corner" at

Check out "NASA's The Space Place" new page on Facebook, where you will also find exclusive content only for our Facebook fans! Become a fan, and we'll also let you know whenever we add a new game, animation, cartoon "talk show," fun fact or any other interesting stuff. It's a great way to explore space!