Teacher Training Opportunity: Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Program
telescope used for Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope programTelescope used for Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope program. The Lewis Center for Educational Research (LCER) announces an opportunity for K - 12 teachers to participate in our rather unique program. The Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Program (GAVRT) is an education partnership involving NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and LCER. It is a K-12 project using radio astronomy to provide an opportunity for students to experience real science and to learn that science is an ongoing process and actual discovery is possible. Using their classroom computer, 32,000 students have taken control of a 34-meter, 500-ton, 9-story-high radio telescope located at NASA's Deep Space Network at Goldstone, CA. We currently have trained 473 teachers at 283 schools in 37 states across the United States and at American schools in 14 countries and 3 U.S. territories.

What's in it for the kids? They learn how to gather data, understand what the data mean and how to follow through with analysis. Students and teachers team with scientists to conduct cutting-edge research leading to discovery. GAVRT excites students while accomplishing educational and scientific objectives.

We are excited to include Radio JOVE with our training in 2010. Radio JOVE is a NASA education program: Solar and planetary radio astronomy for schools. It is a hands-on educational activity that brings the radio sounds of the sun, Jupiter, the Milky Way galaxy and terrestrial radio noise to students, teachers and the general public. We target grade levels 6 - 14 to:

-- Build a simple radio telescope kit
-- Speak with professional radio astronomers
-- Make scientific observations
-- Interact with radio observatories in real-time

One of our main goals is to motivate students to learn about science by participating in a scientific activity, making measurements, acquiring and analyzing data, and sharing and discussing their results with other observers. For further information, see or call (301) 286-9790 or (615) 898-5946.

Teachers need to attend a 5-day class in order to take this program back to their students. Teachers interested in participating are invited to apply online at this time at We are conducting a 5-day teacher training class at the Lewis Center on March 8 - 12, July 19 - 23, and October 25 - 29, 2010, at our facility in Apple Valley, CA. Please check our Web site periodically for calendar updates. We strongly recommend at least two teachers attend the training from your school or area. While this is not a requirement, it will definitely serve to help in program support once back in the classroom. The cost of the 5-day class is $745. For questions, e-mail or call (760) 946-5414 X234.

More information about GAVRT can be found at .