Eyes in the Sky II Seeks Grade 9 to 12 Science Teachers
artist's concept of satellites orbiting EarthArtist's concept of satellites orbiting Earth. Image credit: NASA Eyes in the Sky II is a long-term professional development program that prepares high school science teachers to use NASA data and visualizations along with other geospatial information technologies. Throughout the program, teachers and students investigate both global and local environmental issues. The program includes four parts:

1) A 12-week online Web course, consisting of three 4-week modules
2) A 7-day face-to-face summer workshop held onsite at a NASA research center
3) One year of classroom implementation, ending with a virtual student showcase
4) An ambassador program for providing professional development for other teachers in participants' schools or districts.

Grade 9 to 12 science teachers will benefit from this program. Through participating, teachers will:

1) Become proficient using NASA data and geospatial analysis tools
2) Receive a $1000 stipend for completing the online course and the 7-day summer workshop
3) Receive an additional $1000 stipend as compensation for delivering professional development as an Eyes in the Sky II Ambassador
4) Equip their students with geospatial technology skills that are in increasing demand in the workplace
5) Obtain optional graduate credit through Northern Arizona University.

For more information about the Eyes in the Sky II program, including the online application visit Applications are due by January 15, 2010. We expect this will be a popular program. As there are a limited number of openings available, first consideration will be given to early applicants. If you have further questions, please contact Carla McAuliffe ( or Erin Bardar (