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Wings in Orbit
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Select Astronaut Observations and Highlights of Space Shuttle Program Payloads and Experiments
Foreword: John Young, Robert Crippen
Executive Editor: Wayne Hale
Editor in Chief: Helen Lane
Coeditors: Gail Chapline, Kamlesh Lulla

Front Pages
Preface and Acknowledgments
Table of Contents
Editorial Board

Magnificent Flying Machine - A Cathedral to Technology

The Historical Legacy

Major Milestones
The Accidents: A Nation's Tragedy, NASA's Challenge
National Security

The Space Shuttle and Its Operations

The Space Shuttle
Processing the Shuttle for Flight
Flight Operations
Extravehicular Activity Operations and Advancements
Shuttle Builds the International Space Station

Engineering Innovations

Thermal Protection Systems
Materials and Manufacturing
Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics
Avionics, Navigation, and Instrumentation
Structural Design
Robotics and Automation
Systems Engineering for Life Cycle of Complex Systems

Major Scientific Discoveries

The Space Shuttle and Great Observatories
Atmospheric Observations and Earth Imaging
Mapping the Earth: Radars and Topography
Astronaut Health and Performance
The Space Shuttle: A Platform That Expanded the Frontiers of Biology
Microgravity Research in the Space Shuttle Era
Space Environments

Social, Cultural, and Educational Legacies

NASA Reflects America’s Changing Opportunities; NASA Impacts US Culture
Education: Inspiring Students as Only NASA Can

Industries and Spin-offs

The Shuttle Continuum, Role of Human Spaceflight

President George H.W. Bush
Pam Leestma and Neme Alperstein, Elementary School Teachers
Norman Augustine, Former President and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation
John Logsdon, Former Director of Space Policy Institute, Georgetown University
Canadian Space Agency
General John Dailey, Director of Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Leah Jamieson, John A. Edwardson Dean of the College of Engineering,Purdue University
Michael Griffin, Former NASA Administrator


Flight Information
Program Managers/Acknowledgments
Selected Readings
Contributors’ Biographies


Image of a Legacy - The Final Re-entry

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