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Open Source Framework Consolidates ISS Laboratory Test Functions
August 16, 2011

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Innovators at NASA's Johnson Space Center have developed an open source framework that consolidates the International Space Station's (ISS) Systems Integration Laboratory (ISIL) test functions. The ISIL framework is Web-enabled, database-centric, and incorporates all test functions, including preparation, automation, and evaluation. The framework was established to move the ISIL from paper-driven processes to Web-based applications, automate the startup process of the large ISIL test rig (including configuration validation), and provide test engineers with Web access to the recorded test data for post-test analysis.


  • Economical: Reduces development and maintenance costs for complex testing environments
  • Web-based: Improves user access to test preparation and analysis systems
  • Effective: Increases utilization of expensive ISS test rig assets by reducing rig turnaround times in the ISS Avionics Lab
  • Open: Offers technology based on Open Source concepts and developed using Java® software and extensible markup language (XML) standards

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  • Test preparation, test automation, and test evaluation capabilities for the following environments:
    • Database applications
    • Configuration management solutions
    • Process flow management tools
    • Laboratory design and development solutions
    • Enterprise data management and tracking tools

Licensing and Partnering Opportunity

This technology is being made available through JSC's Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office, which seeks to transfer technology into and out of NASA to benefit the space program and U.S. industry. NASA invites companies to consider licensing this technology for commercial applications.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about this technology or about NASA's technology transfer program, please contact:

Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office
NASA's Johnson Space Center
Phone: 281-483-3809
E-mail: jsc-techtran@mail.nasa.gov

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