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Apparatus Enables Horizontal Resistive Exercise
August 17, 2011

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Researchers at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC) have patented an exercise apparatus that allows a user to perform resistive exercise while lying in a horizontal position. The innovation supports a user's weight while enabling the user, lying horizontally, to perform an exercise that closely approximates a full standing squat. Because the connections within the machine can be independently locked or held in a specific position, the user can be supported so that only certain joints or limbs are exercised. NASA is using the device to study the effectiveness of resistive exercise in maintaining muscle and bone strength during long space flights. Its unique features and versatility promise to be useful in bed-rest studies, rehabilitation, and specialized strength training. JSC has received patent number 7,125,370 for this technology.


  • Effective: Trains specific body parts with little or no effect on other body parts that may be disabled or recovering from injury
  • Versatile: Compatible with any resistive-exercise machine that provides bilateral loading via a moving cable or other mechanical linkage
  • Targeted: Allows resistive exercise while selectively isolating certain joints or limbs to target specific muscle groups


  • Exercise research
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Specialized strength and resistance training


Johnson Space Center has received patent protection (U.S. 7,125,370→) for this technology.

Licensing and Partnering Opportunity

This technology is being made available through JSC's Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office, which seeks to transfer technology into and out of NASA to benefit the space program and U.S. industry. NASA invites companies to consider licensing this technology for commercial applications.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about this technology or about NASA's technology transfer program, please contact:

Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office
NASA's Johnson Space Center
Phone: 281-483-3809
E-mail: jsc-techtran@mail.nasa.gov

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