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Technology Transfer and
Commercialization Office (TTO)
Johnson Space Center
2101 NASA Parkway
Mail Code: AO5
Houston, Texas 77058
Phone: (281) 483-3809
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The TTO is part of JSC's Strategic Opportunities and Partnerships Development Office (SOPD)
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OCT NASA's technology investment plans are managed by the Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT).
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NASA Spinoffs

NASA's annual premier publication featuring successfully commercialized NASA technology.
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What We Offer

technologyJSC Technologies Available for Licensing 
Many JSC technologies are available for licensing. We can help you find technologies to fit your needs.
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signing agreementLicensing JSC Technologies
Our office is helping industry benefit from NASA inventions by widely disseminating the technologies for scientific, academic, industrial, and commercial use.
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signing agreementPartnering with JSC
We actively promote partnerships between JSC’s researchers and industry, academia, and other government agencies.
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software catalogSoftware
Many technologies developed at JSC have a software component, much of this software offers possibilities for uses in applications outside of the original design-sometime numerous applications. Software has been developed for GPS and navigation improvements, life support analysis, reporting systems, and much more. 
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signing agreementSmall Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs
The SBIR and STTR programs provide an opportunity for small, high technology companies and research institutions to participate in government-sponsored research and development efforts in key technology areas.
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Featured Technology

jet fusilageImproved Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) of Advanced Nonmetallic Structural Composites
Infrared (IR) contrast analysis and imaging that augments and improves flash IR thermography.
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robonaut 2Robonaut2 Licensing Opportunities
The suite of technologies that make up R2 is vast and offers applications in many technological areas and industries.
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Featured Success Stories

robonaut 2NASA Granted SunDanzer Refrigeration Inc. a Non-Exclusive License for Battery-Free Solar Powered Refrigeration Systems
Planned uses include vaccine refrigerators for remote locations and refrigerated containers for transporting food to U.S. troops. Learn more...

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