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  • Astronauts to Fly Amelia Earhart Watch, Scarf

    Astronauts to Fly Amelia Earhart Watch, Scarf

    Along with the obvious thrill of launching into space, astronaut Shannon Walker's flight to the space station next year will hold a sentimental and historical significance.

  • Space Station

    Visit the International Space Station site for up-to-date information about the orbital outpost.

  • iss015e34485 -- Russian Spacecraft

    Russian Spacecraft

    Two types of Russian spacecraft visit the International Space Station. The Soyuz vehicle delivers astronauts and cosmonauts. The Progress cargo ship delivers food, supplies and fuel to resupply the resident crew.

    › Read about the piloted Soyuz spacecraft
    › Read about the unpiloted Progress cargo ship
  • sts122072 -- Space Shuttle

    Space Shuttle

    JSC is the lead center for space shuttle activities.

  • Astronauts

    NASA Astronaut Corps

    JSC is home to the NASA astronaut corps and is responsible for training space explorers from the United States and our space station partner nations.

  • jsc2008e010615 -- Mission Control Center

    Mission Control Center  →

    The Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center directs all space shuttle missions, including International Space Station assembly flights. MCC also manages all activity onboard the International Space Station.

  • Scale model

    Scale Model Drawing Package  →

    Here is all of the dimensional data you will need to make your own scale model of the station.