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Thursday, December 3, 1998, 4:00 a.m. CST
STS-88 Mission Control Center Status Report # 1

The first International Space Station assembly mission was postponed for 24 hours when time ran out on today's launch window -- just as flight controllers had cleared the Space Shuttle Endeavour for liftoff.

With the countdown clock at T-minus 4 minutes, STS-88 Commander Bob Cabana reported that a master alarm had sounded inside Endeavour's crew cabin, forcing the countdown to be placed on hold. Flight controllers in Houston and launch controllers in Florida worked feverishly and identified the cause of the alarm as a momentary low pressure indication in one of the shuttle's three hydraulic systems, but reported that all shuttle systems were working properly in spite of the alarm. Flight Director John Shannon gave a "go" for launch, but the launch team was unable to resume the countdown in time to make a rendezvous with the Zarya module, already on orbit.

Launch support teams safed all of Endeavour's systems and began preparing to recycle the shuttle for another launch attempt on Dec. 4. The tentative launch time is 2:36 a.m. CST.

Commander Cabana, Pilot Rick Sturckow and Mission Specialists Nancy Currie, Jerry Ross, Jim Newman and Russian Sergei Krikalev began closing out the crew cabin and preparing to exit the shuttle in a safe, orderly fashion.

A briefing to discuss the events of the day will begin at 5 a.m. CST at Kennedy Space Center.


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