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Monday, August 18, 1997, 6 a.m. CDT
STS-85 Mission Control Center Status Report # 24

Discovery's six astronauts received a bonus day in space today after their planned landing was postponed 24 hours because of the uncertainty over ground fog at the Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility.

Entry Flight Director Wayne Hale called off the only landing opportunity for the day at 5 a.m. Central time after forecasters indicated that ground fog could build around the 3-mile long landing strip as dawn approached. Landing support was not called up today for the backup landing site at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

Currently, one daylight landing opportunity is available on Tuesday at the Kennedy Space Center, with the deorbit burn planned for 5:08 a.m. Central time and landing scheduled one hour later at 6:08 a.m. Central time. Another landing opportunity to KSC exists one orbit earlier in darkness, at 4:35 a.m. Central time, but NASA managers have not yet decided whether to prepare for that option.

Commander Curt Brown, Pilot Kent Rominger, Mission Specialists Jan Davis, Bob Curbeam, Steve Robinson and Payload Specialist Bjarni Tryggvason removed their launch and entry suits after their landing attempt was scrubbed and settled in for another day in orbit.

The astronauts have no payload activities planned for the rest of the day, which will wrap up with an eight-hour sleep period scheduled to begin shortly after 1 p.m. Central time. The crew will be awakened at about 9:11 p.m. tonight to begin deorbit and landing preparations once again.

Discovery continues to orbit the Earth at an altitude of about 150 statute miles in excellent shape.

The next STS-85 status report will be issued at around 5 p.m. Central time.


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