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James Hartsfield
Johnson Space Center, Houston
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RELEASE : JO05-018
International Space Station Visible Over Utica This Month
Residents of Utica, N.Y., can see the International Space Station and its crew fly over their backyards several mornings and evenings this month and next, weather permitting.

Aboard the Station, almost two months into a six-month mission, are Expedition 11 Commander Sergei Krikalev and Flight Engineer and NASA Science Officer John Phillips. The Station is a critical stepping-stone in NASA's vision for future space exploration. Research aboard studies the effects of weightlessness on the body in preparation for long-duration missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. For detailed information on when and how to view the Space Station, visit:

The site offers both an animated guide to Station sighting opportunities, called Skywatch, or a simple text listing of upcoming sightings for cities around the world. Viewers in Utica can look for sightings upcoming for Syracuse, N.Y., and use the same information. Viewers should check the Web site often for updates. Estimated sighting dates and times for Utica for June include:

Date Time Max Elevation Direction of travel June 13 4:39-42 a.m. 31 degrees From SSW to ESE June 15 4:23-26 a.m. 77 degrees From WSW to NE June 16 3:42-44 a.m. 80 degrees From WSW to NE June 17 3:48-50 a.m. 33 degrees From West to North June 22 10:49-52 p.m. 78 degrees From SW to ENE June 23 4:37-41 a.m. 66 degrees From WNW to SSE June 23 9:57-10:01 p.m. 60 degrees From SW to East June 24 10:04-07 p.m. 43 degrees From WSW to North June 25 2:54-58 a.m. 72 degrees From NW to ESE

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