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NASA's STS-130 Tweetup Will Offer Participants an Out of This World Experience
HOUSTON – For the first time, NASA Twitter followers can personally go inside the heart of a space shuttle mission at the agency’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston. NASA is hosting a unique Tweetup on Wednesday, Feb. 17 during Endeavour’s STS-130 mission to the International Space Station. Endeavour launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday, Feb. 8 at 3:14 a.m. CST.

“We’re excited to be hosting NASA’s seventh Tweetup,” said NASA astronaut Mike Massamino, who also is known as @Astro_Mike. “This is the home of all the astronauts and the historic Mission Control Center. It’s an outstanding location to provide our Twitter community with an insider’s view of human spaceflight. I’ll be on one of the two mission control teams working at that time to keep Endeavour and space station operating safely. Hopefully a few of my Twitter followers can participate in this exciting event.”

NASA randomly selected 100 individuals on Twitter from a pool of registrants who signed up on the Web. The event will start at Space Center Houston (SCH) where participants will have the opportunity to meet astronaut Bobby Satcher (@Astro_Bones & @ZeroG_MD) and tweet about NASA hardware.

Media is invited to attend the Tweetup at SCH from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you plan on attending, please contact Lindsay Bromley at 281-483-2924 for more details.

After lunch, Twitter followers will take a tour of JSC; view mission control and astronauts’ training facilities; and speak with flight directors, trainers, astronauts and managers.

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