Nicole Cloutier-Lemasters
Johnson Space Center, Houston
RELEASE : J09-015
Astronaut Fernando Caldeiro Dies
HOUSTON – NASA astronaut Fernando "Frank" Caldeiro died Saturday morning after an extended illness.

Caldeiro was a member of the Astronaut Class of 1996 and most recently was assigned to the WB-57 High Altitude Research Program within the Aircraft Operations Division at Ellington Field in Houston. In that role, he directed the integration and conducted the operation of high-altitude atmospheric research experiments carried on board the NASA WB-57.

"Frank was a valued member of the astronaut corps and the Flight Crew Operations team," said Brent Jett, director, Flight Crew Operations. "He provided a wealth of experience and made significant contributions to the success of both the WB-57 project and the Space Shuttle Program. He will be missed by all those who knew him at NASA. Our hearts go out to his family."

Caldeiro joined NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla., in 1991 as a cryogenics and propulsion systems expert for the safety and mission assurance office before being selected as an astronaut. There he also served as the executive staff assistant to the director of Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance.

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