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Headquarters, Washington
RELEASE : J09-003
NASA Presents Safety Award to Kevin Window
WASHINGTON – NASA has presented its Quality and Safety Achievement Recognition, or QASAR, award for 2008 to Kevin Window of Friendswood, Texas.

Window received the award for leading a team at NASA's Johnson Space Center that developed repairs for a crucial component of the International Space Station. He was recognized along with three other recipients Feb. 25 at the agency's sixth annual Project Management Challenge in Daytona Beach, Fla.

The QASAR award recognizes individual government and contractor employees who have demonstrated exemplary performance in contributing to the quality and/or safety of products, services, processes, or management programs and activities.

"I've helped select previous QASAR honorees so I am aware of the level of competition that exists for this award," Window said. "I am extremely honored to become a recipient of this prestigious award."

Originally from Westlake, La., and a graduate of McNeese State University of Lake Charles, La., Window led the team that investigated and repaired a problem with the space station's starboard solar alpha rotary joint. According to the award citation, Window rapidly brought together a team of more than 15 government, academic, and industry organizations.

During a period of one year, the team assessed the condition of the space station, performed an exhaustive root cause investigation of the joint failure, including developing spacewalks to evaluate the problem, and recommended innovative repair options.

As a result of Window's efforts, the space station program was able to mitigate existing damage, prevent further harm, improve operation of the joint, and continue space operations.

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