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RELEASE : M07-157
NASA to Host Exploration Technology Exchange Conference
HOUSTON - NASA's Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, which oversees the development of capabilities and technology that make human and robotic space exploration possible, will host its first Technology Exchange Conference Nov. 14-15, 2007, in Galveston, Texas. News media are invited to attend.

Speakers will be NASA Constellation Program Manager Jeff Hanley, Apollo Flight Director Eugene Kranz, Exploration Systems Director of Integration Geoff Yoder, and Johnson Space Center Robotics Engineer Rob Ambrose. Hanley will be available at 9 a.m. CST on Nov. 14, immediately following his conference presentation, to answer reporters' questions about Constellation's work to develop spacecraft and launch vehicles for exploration of the moon and beyond.

This conference will focus on transport to the moon, lunar operations and outpost technology. It will facilitate dialogue among NASA, major aerospace contractors, subject expert companies, the Defense Department, government agencies and academia about capabilities needs and potential technology solutions for space exploration.

NASA aims to develop a variety of new capabilities, supporting technologies, and foundational research that enables sustained, affordable, human and robotic space exploration. Supporting this mission will require a diligent, thoughtful search for innovative and synergistic technology solutions from traditional and non-traditional sources.

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