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Press Release #J04-049
October 21, 2004

Nicole Cloutier
Johnson Space Center, Houston

Release: #J04-049


A veteran of four Space Shuttle flights, Astronaut Scott J. "Doc" Horowitz, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, has left NASA for a position with private industry.

Horowitz traveled more than 16 million miles in space on four Shuttle missions, leading activities in science, satellite maintenance and Space Station assembly as a commander and pilot. He served as pilot on Shuttle mission STS-75, a mission that performed microgravity and tethered satellite science in 1996. He next flew as pilot of STS-82, a maintenance mission to the Hubble Space Telescope in 1997. His third flight was as pilot on STS-101 in 2000, an International Space Station assembly mission. In August 2001, Horowitz commanded STS-105, a Station crew exchange and assembly mission.

"Scott has made a huge contribution to NASA's exploration effort. He's flown aboard the Space Shuttle four times, commanded a Shuttle mission to the International Space Station, and led the Astronaut Office's Advanced Projects Branch, which has provided key technical input to NASA's plan for exploration of the Moon and Mars," said Ken Bowersox, Director of Flight Crew Operations. "His forthright manner, technical expertise and inquisitive nature will be missed."

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