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February 2, 2003

Lt. Gen. Jefferson D. Howell, Jr.
Center Director
Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Release: #J03-07

Statement From JSC Director, Lt. Gen. Jefferson D. Howell, Jr.

“Our community, the nation and the entire world was deeply wounded yesterday by the loss of seven very brave and wonderful human beings. We are all greatly affected by this loss and share the pain of their families as they deal with this tragedy.

“We honor the memory of the STS-107 crew – Rick Husband, Willie McCool, Mike Anderson, Laurel Clark, Kalpana Chawla, Dave Brown and Ilan Ramon. They carried our pride and the dreams of the world into orbit.

“While we understand the risks that are inherent in human spaceflight, it does not lessen the human tragedy we’ve experienced as we proceed to go through a period of grieving and healing. As we strive to understand the causes of this event, JSC will commit all necessary resources to determine the how and the why.

“Part of our healing process will be to continue our support of the Expedition Six crew aboard the International Space Station to ensure their continued success and safety.

We will persevere, and we will forever honor the memory of the STS-107 crew by continuing our dedication to space exploration and research.”

- end -

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