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June 10, 2002

James Hartsfield
Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas

Release: J02-63 -- Statements Released Regarding Change of International Space Station Program Management

"For nearly 40 years, I have been honored to serve my country and contribute in so many ways to human space flight. I have seen human space flight progress from a mission of less than a day in length to a permanent presence in orbit," retiring International Space Station Program Manager Tommy Holloway said. "I am proud to have been associated with what has been an unbroken string of successful human spacecraft flown by NASA. Among them, however, perhaps my greatest privilege has been to contribute to the continued success and safety of the International Space Station. A fantastic, dedicated team of people has persevered to build the station that exists today. They have built it with a technological excellence that has exceeded all expectations. For the past two years, Bill Gerstenmaier and I have worked shoulder-to-shoulder, and I have complete confidence that as I move on, the ongoing assembly and operation of the station will be in the best of hands."

Statement from International Space Station Deputy Program Manager Bill Gerstenmaier, who has been named program manager upon Holloway's retirement:

"It has been a tremendous experience to work with Tommy for the past two years on the International Space Station. His leadership and guidance have been critical to the success of our assembly and on-orbit operations. I personally have learned a great deal from him and I speak for the entire Space Station team when I say we will miss his leadership,” said International Space Station Deputy Program Manager Bill Gerstenmaier. “However, the International Space Station team is composed of the most enthusiastic, capable and professional people with whom I have ever worked, and I am excited about the days ahead. The station faces challenges both in space and on the ground. This team has the talent, skill and devotion to meet those challenges with flying colors. Building the station has been an exercise in perfection, a credit to the team, and I am certain the highest quality will prevail as we continue."


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