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December 3, 1999

John Ira Petty
Johnson Space Center, TX
(281) 483-5111

Release: J99-49

Wyle Laboratories Inc. Awarded Contract Extension

Johnson Space Center has awarded Wyle Laboratories Inc. of Houston a $41.4 million extension to its medical support and integration contract. The center is exercising the two-year option under a contract first awarded in 1997.

Total cost of the contract is about $99.8 million. The original contract, for three years with the two-year option, was awarded in January 1997 to Krug Life Sciences Inc. Wyle Laboratories acquired Krug in 1998.

Services provided under the contract include medical operations and program planning supporting flight crew health care; flight vehicle crew compartment and environmental monitoring; life sciences space flight investigations; medical sample acquisition and analysis; laboratory maintenance and operations for the center’s biomedical laboratories, and medical operations and medical research flight equipment requirements development and integration for flight projects.

Most of the work will be done at Johnson Space Center. The rest will be at the contractor’s facilities, at U.S. launch and landing sites, and associated sites in Russia.


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